This schedule is tenative and thus subject to change.

Date Topic Form Deadlines & Notes
Mon, Aug 30 Course Introduction Lecture
Wed, Sep 1 Research Methods Basics Lecture
Fri, Sep 3 CS Research Day Discussion
Mon, Sep 6 Labor Day Holiday No Class
Wed, Sep 8 KDD Background Lecture
Fri, Sep 10 · A Database Perspective on Knowledge Discovery (Tosch)
· Systems for KDD: From Concepts to Practice (Tosch)
Example Presentations
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Paper Bidding Due (U,G)
Mon, Sep 13 Databases and Basic Causal Models Lecture Add/Drop Deadline
Wed, Sep 15 · Spark SQL: Relational Data Processing in Spark (Leo)
· Causal Relational Learning (Ares)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Fri, Sep 17 Prof. Tosch out No class
Mon, Sep 20 Prof. Tosch out No class
Wed, Sep 22 Prof. Tosch out No class
Fri, Sep 24 Prof. Tosch out No class
Mon, Sep 27 Prof. Tosch out No class Project information released asynchronously
Wed, Sep 29 Formal Language Design as Method Lecture
Fri, Oct 1 Under the Hood: Systems Considerations of Query Languages Lecture
Mon, Oct 4 · Indri: A Language-model Based Search Engine for Complex Queries (Capricorn)
· FlumeJava: Easy, Efficient Data-Parallel Pipelines (Libra)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Wed, Oct 6 Sound Tooling for Data Manipulation Lecture
Fri, Oct 8 Fall Recess No Class Project Proposals Due (G)
Mon, Oct 11 · From Dirt to Shovels: Fully Automatic Tool Generation from Ad Hoc Data (Pices)
· Automating String Processing in Spreadsheets Using Input-Output Examples (Leo)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Wed, Oct 13 Courteous Goodwill: A Case Study on Reproducible Research via Empirical Software Engineering Lecture
Fri, Oct 15 · A Large Scale Study of Programming Languages and Code Quality in GitHub (Sagittarius)
· On the Impact of Programming Languages on Code Quality: A Reproduction Study
Student Presentations (U, G) Finalized Project Proposals Due (G)
Mon, Oct 18 Project Proposal Presentations Student Presentations (G)
Wed, Oct 20 Sound Data Collection I: Labeling Lecture
Fri, Oct 22 · Snorkel: Rapid Training Data Creation with Weak Supervision (Ares)
· DeepDive: Declarative Knowledge Base Construction (Taurus)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Mon, Oct 25 Sound Data Collection II: Crowdsourcing Lecture
Wed, Oct 27 · AutoMan: A Platform for Integrating Human-Based and Digital Computation (Gemini)
· Taking a HIT: Designing around Rejection, Mistrust, Risk, and Workers' Experiences in Amazon Mechanical Turk (Scorpio)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Fri, Oct 29 Underlying Assumptions: Demographics of Crowd Workers Lecture
Mon, Nov 1 · Demographics and Dynamics of Mechanical Turk Workers
· SurveyMan: Programming and Automatically Debugging Surveys (Aquarius)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Wed, Nov 3 Crowdsourcing Systems and Design Lecture
Fri, Nov 5 · The Crowd is a Collaborative Network (Scorpio)
· We are Dynamo: Overcoming Stalling and Friction in Collective Action for Crowd Workers (Gemini)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Mon, Nov 8 Ethical Implications of Data Collection via Crowd Work Guest Lecture: Sara Kingsley
Wed, Nov 10 Experimentation and Causal Inference Lecture
Fri, Nov 12 · Designing and Deploying Online Field Experiments (Scorpio)
· PlanAlyzer: Assessing Threats to the Validity of Online Field Experiments (Libra)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Mon, Nov 15 Report on outstanding tasks Student Presentations (G) Project Mid-term Reports due (G)
Wed, Nov 17 Potpourri Lecture
Fri, Nov 19 · Seed Selection for Successful Fuzzing (Taurus)
· The Next 700 Data Description Languages (Aquarius)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Mon, Nov 22 Thanksgiving Recess No Class
Wed, Nov 24 Thanksgiving Recess No Class
Fri, Nov 26 Thanksgiving Recess No Class
Mon, Nov 29 Modern Industrial Systems Lecture
Wed, Dec 1 · Tensorflow: A System for Large-Scale Machine Learning
· How Amazon Web Services Uses Formal Methods (Pices)
Fri, Dec 3 Rethinking Industrial Roles Lecture
Mon, Dec 6 · CivilServant: Community-Led Experiments in Platform Governance (Sagittarius)
· Untangling Research and Practice: What Facebook’s “Emotional Contagion” Study Teaches Us (Capricorn)
Student Presentations (U, G)
Wed, Dec 8 TensorFlow: History, Tutorial, Q&A Guest Lecture: Alex Passos
Fri, Dec 10 Data Privacy Guest Lecture: Joe Near
Final Day to complete Course Evaluations!
Project reports due by Dec. 16, 10:30am