CS295B/CS395B: Systems for Knowledge Discovery

This is the online webpage for CS295B/CS395B: System Design for Knowledge Discovery at University of Vermont for Fall 2021.

Course Description

In this course we will discuss software as a data collection platform. We will investigate methods for designing software systems that directly support sound data collection and analysis. We will contrast this with conducting data collection and analysis over “found” systems and contextualize e.g., verified software as a method for mitigating statistical, selection, and measurement biases.

This course will double as a research methods for computer science course. Students will practice identifying research questions and hypotheses and discuss both empirical and theoretical methods for validating hypotheses.

After the initial course introduction (i.e., first two weeks of the course), meetings will be structured as follows: Mondays will be lectures, which will give broader context to the two weekly readings, presented on Wednesdays. Friday meetings will vary, consisting of project reports, discussion, and lectures on as as-needed basis.

There are no exams, programming assignments, or problem sets in this course.