I have pages of notes for a blog post about correlation, but since it's 11pm, let's put that off for now and have a little summer fun!

I had a chat today with Myung-ha Jang about Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Myung-ha's watched more Grey's, but hasn't tried Scandal yet. I unfortunately dove into Grey's at the height of its ridiculousness (the icicle that stabbed Cristina, the romance of The Lady of the Lake and poor homely Sonya, and Izzie's hallucinations that turned out to be cancer). If it was about to get worse, I didn't want to see it.

Okay, you know what? That clip of the icicle stabbing Cristina begins with a great moment between friends:
Yeah, it was a little judgey. Cristina isn't known for sugar-coating what she thinks. Even if it's not the smoothest move in real life, it's nice to see a character say what you're thinking. This is television fantasy land, where all your male coworkers are McSexy and you're surrounded by awesome, interesting women who speak their minds and are really f***ing good at their jobs.

Now, I told Myung-ha I preferred Scandal because the story lines were eerily believable. However, the thing that's been nagging me has been that Olivia Pope has no friends.

Sad Olivia

While I think Scandal's plot lines are more believable, I find the relationships between characters sad and emotionally stunted. Of course, these characters are in a morally bankrupt universe of bad actors, whereas the Grey's folks are trying to do good in the world. In any case, it would be great if Sandra Oh guest starred as Cristina and had a long-distance besties relationship with Olivia. Apparently Cristina is in Switzerland now, and I think Olivia might have been sent there for her internal spy training secondary schooling. I wish they would ship in someone like her, rather than yet another emotionally crippled assassin/torture artist.

Christina Yang: A+ Surgeon, A+ Friend