Someday I will post a longer essay on everything that is wrong with this film and how it's hurting America and how everything is going to hell because all the kids internet all day. I watched it two days ago and am still irritated by the characters, the plot, and how everyone should STFU and get a real job and get off my lawn. The only cinematic sequence to more effectively evoke that strange combination of disgust and boredom was the interminable torture of Theon Greyjoy.

On a score from "Changed my life" to "I've lost my ability to can," Cibele was more forgiving than I and rated it a "I can't even."

Also, for those who are wondering, the worst is a tie between Nazis at the Center of the Earth* and Wanted.

* I may have "fast-forwarded" through chunks of this film, so it isn't clear it's actually eligible for first place.